• Find the best deals online for new and used car sales
by Brandon Yates
05/08/2016 16:53:55 PM

Find the best deals online for new and used car sales

The time has come to buy a new car. This may be exciting for some, but for many it’s a daunting, stress filled task wrought with tension and anxiety.  What is the best option for finding a good car deal, purchasing online or going the traditional route of visiting dealerships?  There are advantages and disadvantages to be found in either avenue.

The internet, with its popular person-to-person community sales sites like Craigslist and eBay, or online auction sites, has dramatically expanded opportunities for vehicle selection and purchase.  Buying a car online may seem like a great option for finding a real deal on your new wheels, in reality it can be potentially a problem laden cause of headaches and heartaches for even the most auto-savvy consumer.

The most crucial factor in car buying is ensuring you find a vehicle in good condition.  To achieve this you need to be a well-informed consumer which means you need to do a lot of homework.  Determine what makes and models meet your vehicle requirements, and then do some thorough research on both vehicle and seller.  Be skeptical to the point of assuming the person selling the car is a con artist.

Craigslist and eBay listings are free of oversight and most often, light on details.  Half-truths are plentiful in vehicle descriptions while vehicle histories are scarce.  Obtain a Carfax report and have the car checked out by an independent, trusted mechanic or professional vehicle inspector prior to purchase. This is an added expense as a buyer, but hidden or non-disclosed mechanical problems can be costly to repair. Remember, Lemon Laws apply only to dealers in most states.  A test drive is the only way to get a real sense of how well a vehicle handles and whether it has any flaws, so don’t forego getting behind the wheel to try it out.  Out of town or out of state private sales opportunities are replete with additional challenges. Scheduling arrangements for a vehicle inspection, test drive, or meet-up can be difficult. Buying a major investment long distance, sight unseen is a scary proposition that may quickly overshadow any potential bargain you think you’ve successfully brokered.  Additional expenses will accrue with the need to retrieve the car once purchased, either the cost of personal travel expenses to the pick-up location or delivery charges if shipped.

The anonymity of eBay, Craigslist, and other auction sites has provided scammers with easy venues to find auto buying victims.  Internet scams are ubiquitous and of every imaginable type including Title and Vin fraud, wire transfer and fake escrow scams, stolen deposit scams, phony used car certification scams to name only a few.  They are deceptively clever and not readily identifiable.  Internet sites also provide a ready haven for the practice of curbstoning wherein used car dealers, posing as private sellers, unload salvaged vehicles, cars with flood or accident damage, purchased at auction that they can’t sell on their lots. Con artists, acting as private sellers have been known to sell stolen vehicles with phony paperwork, vehicles with tampered odometers, cosmetically refurbished cars with undisclosed mechanical damages to unsuspecting buyers.  There are lots of potential pitfalls requiring fastidious attention to detail before completing a purchase online from a private seller.  Private used car sales are always “as is” and thus, “buyer beware.”

Dealers are licensed and in most states, bonded.  They are able to provide ample detail about vehicle history, operation and current condition of the cars they are selling, with most offering free history reports from Carmax or similar company.  Dealer service departments back up their vehicles, are able to do value appraisals and certifications of pre-owned used cars. Certified used cars come only from franchised dealers.  Dealers have financing departments able to work with buyers to find credit options and sales departments to complete the bill of sale, handle title transfers and tax paperwork.  Buying from a private seller leaves you solely responsible for completing all the necessary paperwork.  To ensure you know what is required, it is recommended you check with the DMV in your state to avoid learning after a purchase, that needed information is lacking causing additional headache.

Online dealerships websites abound enabling the car buyer to easily comparison shop multiple dealerships at their convenience.  For the longest time, dealers had a stranglehold on the numbers in the car buying process. Now, through the internet, buyers have access to invoice pricing, manufacturerer’s websites, incentives, rebate offers, trade values, giving them the ability to cross-shop selection and bids from multiple sources before ever having a first sit-down with a dealer.  More dealers are incorporating an online sales department with their websites allowing purchase transactions to be completed electronically without ever having to leave home.

If you want to avoid the risk of falling prey to an online private sale swindle, if warranty, certified pre-owned status are high priorities, go to a licensed dealer, either online or brick and mortar, to buy your vehicle.

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