• Learn how to get the best deal when trading in your used car for a new one at Las Vegas dealerships or anywhere in the USA.
by Alin Tanasescu
25/07/2016 14:47:05 PM

How to get the best trade in deal for your car

When thinking about trading in your old car for a new car, everyone wants to get the best value possible. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best deal out of your used car trade in. Now you would think I would simply say, bring it to me Your Las Vegas Car Guy for the best deal anywhere. As, true as that might be. There are still some other helpful hints to getting the best price for your trade-in.

Research the value of the car, its important to know the exact highs and lows your car is selling for. Go online and check out Kelley Blue Book, AutoTrader, and the National Automobile Dealers Association, or check for similar cars being auctioned on eBay or other auction websites.

Timing is everything, ensure you think about when your car is most convenient to own. Such as selling a convertible during the winter, might bring you less than during the summer. Simply because the dealership knows it will most likely sit on that car for at least a few months.

Clean up the car, try to go above and beyond your average car wash. Maybe hire a car detail company, or really get your hands in there and wipe it extra clean. This shows that the car was taken care of, no one wants to buy a dirty car.

Negotiate the new purchase and car trade-in separately, this can help you see the real value your getting. Some car salesmen try to mix the numbers, confusing you of the actual price.

Explore any tax advantages, all but eight states allow you to pay sales tax minus the value of whatever the dealer is giving you for the trade-in vehicle. With rates from 9 to 11 perfect, this can be a huge savings. So be sure to check out your states tax advantages.

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